The goal of the workVVKMR

The department of educational and cultural work was established by order of the rector in 2001.

The purpose of the department is to form a harmoniously developed, highly educated, socially active and nationally conscious person, endowed with deep civic responsibility, high spiritual qualities, family and patriotic feelings, who is the bearer of the best national and world culture, capable of self-development and self-improvement.
The team of VVKMR specialists promotes the cultural level of young people, education of aesthetic taste and sense of beauty, growth of patriotism and spirituality, organization, as well as meaningful leisure and development of creative potential of students,
Educational work at the university is carried out in the national-patriotic, intellectual-spiritual, moral, political, legal, aesthetic, labor, environmental, physical areas.

Creative teams of VVKMR

The university has an art club of student art "Student".
The department has artistic groups:

- Vocal-instrumental studio group "Quintessence" (founded in 2001 by VV Korobov).
- Theater-Studio "Lily" (founded in 2001, headed by KP Sazonov).
- Vocal and choreographic studio "Dominant" (founded in 2003. Head MO Agramakova).
- Studio of choreography and sculpture "On the border between" (founded in 2004. Head MV Dailid.
All studios have the honorary title of "People's Amateur Team".
- There are separate creative teams in institutes and faculties.
- The department has a student media and film club, a school of public speaking, which selects and prepares leading holiday events, technical assistants to the video and sound engineer.

The main activities of cultural and mass work and education

Together with the student council and the student union VVKMR organizes and conducts events:
- Holiday of freshmen "Dedication to students";
- Competitions "Best Student of the Year", "Best Group of the Year";
- Festival of first-year debutants "University is looking for talents";
- Competition "Student of the Year" (neither at the university level and at the city level);
- Open competition of girl's beauty, talent and intellect "Queen of KrNU";
- Intellectual games Brain Ring, "What? Where? When?";
- Regional interuniversity art festival-competition "Student Spring" (I and II stages, participation in the general final festival and in the regional gala concert);
- University Day;
- Days of faculties;
- To the Defender of the Fatherland Day;


- To the Day of the volunteer of Ukraine (solemn ceremony of awarding of the national order "Knight's Cross of the volunteer";
- Celebration of the 250th anniversary of IP Kotlyarevsky;
- Celebration of the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko;
- Honoring the memory of M. Ostrogradsky and many others.
Charitable and volunteer activities are carried out.


Plaksiy Tamara Mykolayivna

Head of the department of educational and cultural-mass work, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Tsarenko Kateryna Mykolayivna


Sazonova Kateryna Petrovna

Head of the People's Amateur Theater-Studio "Lily"

Agramakova Marina Alexandrovna

Head of the Folk Amateur Vocal and Choreographic Studio "Dominant"

Korobov Victor Vladimirovich

Leader of the People's Amateur Vocal-Instrumental Studio Band "Quintessence"

Daylid Maryna Viktorivna

Head of the People's Amateur Studio of Choreography and Sculpture "On the Border"


Patriotic events

Educating the patriotism of the younger generation by creative means is the goal of our traditional patriotic events. The first of them is the commemoration of Ukrainian soldiers on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine

Freshmen's holiday "Dedication to students"

The solemn holiday on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge and admission to the student fraternity of Kremenchug National University named after Mikhail Ostrogradsky freshmen is always bright and exciting

Intellectual games

The University's Intellectual Games League regularly holds Brain Ring competitions. Usually in the assembly hall of the building № 5, on the stage, and gathers fans of this game, fans who sincerely support the players.

University Day

Celebrating University Day in May, on the eve of Science Day, is still a young tradition. Celebrations are held on this occasion, to which members of the university's supervisory board, media representatives and honored guests are always invited. Members of the Academic Council of the University traditionally wear purple robes, which adds a special solemnity to the gathering.

Student competitions and festivals

Student life cannot be imagined without various competitions, Olympiads and festivals.

Days of faculties

The university has a tradition of celebrating the Days of faculties (institutes). The original and original assets of each faculty are suitable for celebration and each has its own "highlight". The traditional event for NNIMiT Day is football competitions of teams of teachers and students, and FEU Day is always a spectacle of talents.


Topical measures of educational and cultural-mass work


Results of the Poetry Competition,

dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the university


October 14 - Day of Defenders of Ukraine


Solemn meeting of the Academic Council,

dedicated to the 100th anniversary of KrNU

Video gallery of events


Topical measures of educational and cultural-mass work


"University is looking for talent - 2021"


"On the border between" at the opening of the final of the Cup of Ukraine in urban sports


"Dedication of freshmen to students"



150th anniversary
Dedicated to Lesya Ukrainka


Victory of the folk studio of choreography and plastics

"On the border between" at the International competition


76th anniversary
Victories over Nazism


35th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

On April 26, students of our university honored the memory of the victims of the Chernobyl disaster by laying flowers


Chernobyl… Dead Zone…

to the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster


"Student Spring-2021",м

dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence and the 100th anniversary of the university


PROVISIONS about the XIX festival of student creativity




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